Insert a gallery on a page

Once you've created a gallery, there are two ways to insert it onto your page.

Option 1: Copy and Paste

From the Galleries app home screen, click the drop down menu on the gallery you wish to insert, and select Get the code:

You'll be presented with step by step instructions.

Click the blue box in step 1 which will copy the module code to your clipboard, or alternatively highlight the module code and copy it using Control + C.

Then navigate to the page you want to place the image gallery on in Unicity CMS. You should be able to place the gallery in any rich text area on your website, such as this one. You can paste the module code using Control + V, or by clicking on Edit > Paste:

Then save your page, and the finished gallery will appear.

Option 2: Insert Module

Within any rich text editor on your site, you should see the Insert Module button:

From the list of modules, select Galleries:

Then select the gallery you want to insert from the list, and click the blue Insert button:

The module code will be inserted into your page. When you've finished editing your page, click Save, and the gallery will show on the page.