Introducing image galleries

Unicity CMS includes support for a number of different image galleries, through the Galleries app.

Accessing the Galleries module

You can access the Galleries module from two different routes.

From the Unicity CMS sidebar, click the files and media menu, and select Galleries:

Alternatively, locate the Galleries icon in the Apps panel on the Dashboard:

If you can't find the Galleries App, your web developer or system administrator may have moved or renamed it.

Types of gallery

There are three main types of gallery offered by Unicity CMS. Each of these has different configuration options and usages which can customise how it is displayed to offer further flexibility.

  1. Lightbox photo gallery
    Images are shown in a grid of thumbnails. Clicking an image will expand it to show a full and larger version of the image:
  2. Photostory
    This type of gallery shows pictures and captions. The user can scroll through the images by clicking the arrows or dots.
  3. Slider
    This type of gallery automatically scrolls through a series of photos. You can optionally display pagers, arrows and captions.

The Photostory and Slider types of gallery look best when you use sets of images that are the same size.
You can always resize an image in Unicity CMS if it is the wrong size.