Inserting a YouTube Video

Files and Media > Embedded Media > New Embedded Media Item

Unicity makes it easy to place a YouTube video on your website. Just copy the URL into the Embedded Media module, then paste the %module% code wherever you need the video.

Create a new Embedded Media Item

Click New Embedded Media Item and chose the YouTube Video as the kind of media item.

Importantly, you'll need a YouTube video. Copy the URL of that video, which will be something like:

You can either paste the whole thing, or just the last code (aBcDeFgHiJk).

The title does not show on the website. It is just used in the admin area for reference.

Once you've saved your Embedded Media Item, it will be visible in the module. Below it's name will be the Usage Code like:

%module-embedded-1% or %module-embedded-1-WIDTH%

If you wanted this video to go onto the About Us page, for example:

Copy %module-embedded-1%, then edit the About Us page. In the main text area, paste the code.

Now, when you preview or view the page on the website, the Module Code will be replaced with the YouTube video.

If you need to change the size the video displays at (for example 500 pixels wide), then specify the width in the module-code like: %module-embedded-1-500%

If your YouTube video displays an error, or a blank video, check that you have the URL or video-code copied correctly.

If the module code is appearing directly on the website, make sure that you have included both percent signs. If so, you might have added it to a module on the website which is not expecting it. Your developer will be able to help you with this.