Unicity managed hosting is offered exclusively to customers with a license for Unicity CMS. Our data centres have been designed to provide the perfect environment for hosting your Unicity CMS site, with high up-time and great performance. All of the packages we offer include automatic backups in separate data centres for your peace of mind.

The best part is that there’s just one port of call if you have a question about supporting your website, freeing you up to focus on your website not servers.

For full pricing details or to order, please contact our sales department.

Shared 'cloud' hosting

We offer a range of shared hosting packages, that are ideal for sites with low to medium levels of traffic on medium level websites. Your website would be hosted on a server shared by a few other clients, keeping the cost of your hosting down, while still offering a high standard of service.

If your needs grow you can avoid a long procurement process and complex installation - simply call us to increase capacity. Buy what you need now and extend when you’re ready; we’ll handle the rest. Your server will be managed and monitored 24/7 by our technical staff, leaving you to manage your website.

From £300 / year


Bespoke/Dedicated hosting

If your site receives high levels of traffic, or you have a large number of web pages/files, we recommend a bespoke or dedicated hosting package. Based on your needs we will provision the exact hosting environment that your Unicity CMS site needs, whether it is high disk space, high bandwidth or something else.

Your server will still be configured to Unicity CMS requirements, and managed and monitored by our technical staff with priority response available to any issues.

From £7000 / year


For full pricing details or to order, please contact our sales department.