Secure by design

How often do you hear about a Wordpress or Drupal security breach in the news?

The Unicity single-sign-on system protects your website login, with a highly secure, encrypted password system. And all Unicity modules are thoroughly tested before being embedded into the application, so you won't find rogue code turns up on your website inadvertently.

GDPR and PCI compliance

Data security needs to be a top priority for organisations that handle personal data and transactions.

We've worked with a range of charities and companies of all sizes to understand their compliance requirements. Built in modules and the core Unicity CMS security are designed to easily provide GDPR and PCI compliance.

Roles and permissions

Customise the permissions of different users for complete control of your website.

  • Granular permissions for module access
  • Allow different users to work on different areas of content
  • Manage website member areas

Continuously improving

We deploy new features and improvements regularly, listening to the feedback of our charity clients.

Updates also include compatibility updates for latest browsers, third party integrations and proactive security management.

And you don't need an ops team to maintain your software. as regular updates to Unicity CMS are distributed through your solution provider automatically.

Scalable and high performance

Unicity CMS is designed to support highly critical and large scale websites, but is simple enough to effectively support small sites.

Unicity CMS is tried and tested on sites that handle hundreds or even thousands concurrent users, turning over millions in revenue, when combined with the right hosting. Unicity CMS has a simplified architecture that minimises server load so your website performs well whatever traffic you get.

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