Upload, resize and crop images

Clients can easily upload images to the CMS, and images can be cropped and resized within Unicity avoiding the need for Photoshop.

With image fields, the developer can set the image dimensions and Unicity will make sure the correct size image is uploaded.

A wide range of image effects and editing tools are available for more advanced use.

Undo, previews and moderation

Give your content editors confidence to create new content.

They can edit a page and quickly preview how they look, including on mobile and table devices before saving the changes.

Unicity CMS stores each version of  a page allowing a quick Undo  to back out of a change if needed.

Moderation allows users to edit content but still require an administrators approval before changes are published.

A control panel your clients will love

We believe that content editors are often the “forgotten users” of a website, with competing systems being designed more for developers than editors.

Our control panel makes editing content easy, Unicity users frequently report that training time is substantially reduced  when they hand a site over when compared to solutions like WordPress or Drupal.

Repeatables for modern web designs

Huge editor flexibility is added with repeatables, allowing repeated content blocks to be created, with drag and drop facilities.

Define different strip templates, to allow components to be reused, and different page layouts to be created. Now in Unicity CMS 4, repeatables are even more efficient and flexible.

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