The revolutionary CMS built for real people

Once you've used Unicity CMS you'll never want to use another CMS again! With an easy to use user interface that is designed for real people, not web developers, it makes the task of updating your website fast and straight forward, so you can concentrate on the things you need to be doing.

Perfect for charities and small businesses

Unicity has been built with the needs of charities and small businesses in mind where value for money and total cost of ownership are essential considerations.

Unicity has been sucessfully implemented on everything from small sites, to complex sites with considerable bespoke functionality.

With Unicity CMS 2.0 even more functionality is built right into the core installation, delivering an even more cost efficient solution for lower total cost of ownership.


You're only limited by your imagination

Unicity CMS is designed to allow designers and developers a large amount of freedom, while still making websites widely content managable. You won’t believe how easy it is to make a great-looking website, that can be updated by your customers.

  • Completely customisable themes
  • Multiple page templates
  • Easy image manipulation
  • Full support for responsive designs

Making light work of tricky tasks

Unicity CMS is designed to allow anyone to become a website editor. Tricky tasks such as resizing images are taken care of with simple image cropping, resizing and optimisation tools. To avoid issues where images are resized in the text editor, Unicity automatically optimises all the images in a page when it is saved.

  • Easy image resizing and cropping
  • Never delete the wrong file, Unicity keeps track of which files and images are in use
  • Automatic image optimisation of large files
  • Intuitive WYSIWYG editor with familiar tools and buttons
  • Easily create advanced Forms, Google Maps, Photo Galleries and more...



Regularly updated

Security, compatability and functionality updates are regularly made to the Unicity CMS system in order to improve the platform for our users.

Updates are always backwards compatible even when you've had bespoke modules created. Compare that with open source solutions that often require bespoke customisations to be adjusted or repeated by your developer for each upgrade and the total cost of ownership savings are obvious.