reCAPTCHA Spam Prevention

Unicity CMS supports reCAPTCHA on both forms and Unicity Mail forwarding to reduce spam.

Unicity CMS has built in protection against automated comment spam using a wide range of techniques. However, for more advanced protection, reCAPTCHA support is enabled in Unicity CMS 4.05.

Signing up for reCAPTCHA

In order to use reCAPTCHA on your website, you first need to obtain API keys from Google. API keys are locked to the domain they are set up for, and it is recommended that you create a new account for each site you wish to use reCAPTCHA on.

Visit to obtain keys.

To add a new site, click the plus icon:

Enter a site name in the Label box, and select the following options:

Enter your domain name, without the http:// or www. in the domains box, and accept the terms of service, before clicking Submit:

After submitting your application, you will be given two keys, the Site Key and the Secret Key. You'll need to enter these into Unicity CMS to set up reCAPTCHA.

Setting up Unicity CMS

Once you've got your keys, go to Site Setup > Settings in Unicity CMS:

Scroll down the Settings menu and click on Spam Prevention:

On the API Keys tab, paste the Site Key and Secret Key into the appropriate boxes:

This will automatically enable reCAPTCHA on the Unicity Mail Forward to a Friend feature.

To enable it on all forms created with the Unicity CMS Forms app, it must be enabled on the Features tab:

You will now see the "I'm not a robot" checkbox at the bottom of your forms before the Submit button: